Thursday, June 26, 2008


Late last night, we received this most interesting of videos from Current TV. It explains why we drink, and clearly, we wanted to know.  We thought we drank because we were nourishing our livers, but according to this video, we are wrong.

First watching it, we were confused.  They were talking about puppies and saccharine and raw potatoes and baring our butts in public? What?  We also would have preferred for the video to be narrated by someone who can actually pronounce the word maintenance, but we digress...

When they FINALLY go to the point and explained why we drink, it hit us like a brick!  It's so true!  How could we not have realized this before???  Except they got one thing wrong!  Our ACTUAL career path is HIGHER than our INTENDED career path, and THAT'S why WE drink!  That, and the fact that our hamster died in our arms when we were 3 years old!  J'Adore!

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