Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It still boggles our minds how stupid people can be.  A story from The Telegraph ran today about 200 stupid people who called in to complain about a new Heinz Mayo ad (see below) running in the UK which depicts two men kissing.  Heinz has subsequently pulled the ad due to the complaints of these 200 douche bags.

Where do we start???  

First of all, it's not about the two men kissing.  It's about the embodiment of the "mother" via the typical New York Deli man. It's clearly a symbolic representation of the mayonnaise and not of the mother, per se.

Secondly, according to the complaints, the commercial is inappropriate for children, and it forces parents to explain same sex partnerships.  What the hell is there to explain???  Same sex partnerships are a way of life.  They always have been.  The only hinderance here is the closed minds of the parents and not the ad.

Lastly, shame on Heinz for pulling the ad over 200 complaints.  If you're going to have the balls to shoot and air this incredibly humorous commercial, have the balls to stand behind it.

We're a little saddened by the sheer lack of audaciousness. Honestly, why boldly move forward only to hold ourselves back?

We're too tired to really get into the frivolity of it all.  Email us and let us know what you think.


RENCO said...

Could've pulled it on purpose to create free and more publicity. I just saw a long segment about it on CNN.

But it is idiotic that people still can't accept gays.

Big Daddy said...

Oh man.

That's tame compared to other foreign commercials I've seen.

But cute though, sweet-cheeks.