Sunday, June 22, 2008


We all want you to meet our latest fascination, Drew, the bartender at Hudson Blue, the bar at the Fuddrucker's in the ferry terminal down the street from our house.  We like to call him Hudson Drew!  Get it?  Drew rhymes with blue?  Whatever.  If we have to explain it...

Not only is he the sweetest thing on the planet (he remembered to call us by our first name every time he addressed us!), he also looks GREAT in a skimpy speedo ...well, not that we would know, but we were trying to imagine it while we sipped on our Stella Artois!  J'Adore!

He's a good kid overall, and we know what days of the week he works, so if you want to meet us there, email us, and we'll make sure that you get nowhere near him!

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