Thursday, June 12, 2008


You might remember our friend, Aaron Newbill?  Yeah.  We don't blame you if you don't.  Sometimes, we don't even remember until his name pops up on our caller ID like it did just a few minutes ago.  

He was calling to let us know that he's in Toronto filming a show for Ford's Supermodel of the World.  He's like the Paula Abdul of modeling competition judges....all boozed up, saying shit nobody really understands.  (We'd say he's the Tyra Banks of modeling competitions, but Aaron is a big ol' black girl on the inside, and we don't want to perpetuate that notion.)

ANYJ'ADORE... he called to give us an update on how the camera crew has been following him around, how they offered him clothes to wear by Diesel, the show sponsor, and how he brutally rebuffed their offers stating that he only wears Martin Margiela! JEEZ!  Give a bitch a camera and some attention, and she turns all Mariah Carey divalicious on your ass!

We told him to pick the ugliest girl and have her win, but knowing Aaron, he'll just award himself the title of Supermodel of the World.  We'll let you know how it all turns out!


Anonymous said...

Who won???

Anonymous said...

love aaron btw