Thursday, July 24, 2008


Bitches! George Michael TURNED IT OUT last night at Madison Square Garden. He was our first concert 20 years ago this summer. We were only 4 years old, ahem, um, yeah, 4 years old, that's right, 4 years old. ANYWAY... We had the best time EVAH!

We started the night sitting on the Post Office steps across from the Garden waiting waiting for our boy, Gerald McCullouch. We had gotten backstage passes earlier in the day from the hottest bitch on the planet, Bianca Bianconi, who runs the show.  Well, not the concert show...just the show in general.  She turns us out in ways unimaginable!

This is Gerald in the backstage VIP holding pen. He was making googly eyes at some chick he thought was Mary J. Blige. We didn't want to tell him it wasn't her.

We ran into ALL of our J'Adorable WHAM! fan sluts backstage. Above, Harper Bazaar's Ana Maria Wilson & our favorite J'Adorable Douglas Friedman. We also blew air kisses to Jorge Garcia of Visionaire, Queer Eye's Thom Filicia and his boy Greg Calejo, Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, Eddie Roche, Flint Beamon, Paper Magzine's Mickey Boardman and the list goes on...

It isn't a George Michael night if you're not getting caught in the bathroom. That crazy Gerald. We told him there was security everywhere. And on a side note, we pulled it out at a urinal right next to Andre Agassi. We totally snuck a peek! J'Adore!!!

Our seats were pretty amazing to begin with. We felt like we were right there, but then it got better. Keep reading.

Georgie J'Adored our side of the stage the best!

There was a 15 minute intermission, so we crossed the floor and went backstage because we certainly weren't going to hang out with the general population. Je n'adore pas!

We totally ran into our old friend, Jesse Archer, who we've known since our freshman year in college at USC. His shirt speaks for us all!

On the way back to our seats, we decided to drop it 3rd row front and center instead. No one was sitting anyway, and we knew we couldn't wait another 17 years for an opportunity like that!

Georgie used a whole segment with Dita von Teese on the screens in the background which he said was "for all the girl's boyfriends here tonight." We would have let him use our image for free!

We were so close to George, we could feel his Careless Whispers on the back of our neck!

This is how close we were.  We were gonna slap him just for fun! Georgie...Show us your Club Tropicana!!!

Georgie went into homo-overdrive when he changed into a cop uniform for his song Outside.

We were devastated to hear him bid us adieu. We could have stayed there all night!

Georgie J'Adored us majorly last night as you'll see from the video. Watch through the end for all the video snippets! He opened the show with one of our most J'Adored songs....Waiting! J'Adore!!!


pfrank1 said...

Oh! that's where I recognize Gerald from! The bathroom at MSG!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Caught in the stalls again. I had the best fucking time!!!!! Jorje Miguel rocks.

amy said...

Joey................I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't you set your Monkey free??? Do you love the Monkey or do you love ME??????

can't wait to see GM myself next week. J'adore Joeyand J'adore George!

Jesse Archer said...

Je t'adore, Joey! Seeing you AND George took me right back to 1995...
before we were...older.

I'm definitely linking up to this post. Great pics!

John aka Brite said...

You know that isn't the bathroom at the Eagle cuz that cup would have been gone!

Love Geralds TR's! I miss you Joey! - Johnny