Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This past weekend, we were reading the New York Times T Magazine Men's Fall Fashion Issue....we know that's a long ass title, but that's what it's called, we think. Whatevs.

While reading what we already knew, we came across an editorial entitled The Cast System. It was just a bunch of male models wearing couture with various sorts of casts on their limbs. YAWN!

Honestly, it was nothing new. We had seen it all before. Specifically, for Harper's Bazaar circa 1995, Helmut Newton shot Nadja Auermann in all states of handicap. But that's what the fashion industry does best......RECYCLE! But we digress....

Above we want you to meet our good friend and arguably our BIGGEST fan EVER....Mr. Aaron Newbill. Here we can see him giving handicap chic last winter. Yes. We said LAST winter. That's almost a year BEFORE the New York Times decided to tell the masses it was cool to be handicapped while looking gorgeous. Needless to say, we and all our friends are ALWAYS ahead of the curve. You disagree?

Wait a second. Do any of you think that Aaron strikes a funny resemblance to the closet case kid below? The eyes? The crooked teeth? No. It's not possible that he lost so much hair so quickly. Whatever. Just a thought.

J'Adore Handicaps!

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