Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Do you Bitches remeber the show POPULAR on the WB? Well, I do, and one of my favorite characters was Mary Cherry played by the delicious Leslie Grossman. She was the ravenously rich, stubbornly Southern and maliciously maniacal daughter of Cherry Cherry, played by Delta Burke!

As a member of the Glamazons, the ULTRA-exclusive cheerleading squad at her high school, Mary Cherry ruled the campus with an iron fist. Some of my favorite quotes are below...

"What's it gonna take to get me on that squad? Everybody's got a price, even you, whore of Babylon. "

"Screw up my image makeover, freaks, and we'll be going on a double-date with my chainsaw. Okay?"

"If you leave, who is going to guide through the treacherous terrain that is teen skin care?"


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hot-lunch said...

I LOVE MARY CHERRY!!! And her Momma too!!!