Thursday, March 23, 2006


I am very saddened by this late breaking news. Je N'Adore Pas this in a BIG way. In an issue of the Science Journal focusing on global warming, it was reported that if global trends continue as they are, we could see sea levels 20 feet higher than they are now.

This means saying goodbye to Miami. Say goodbye to the Maldives. One day, we'll wonder if the Caribbean Islands ever even existed!!

By the end of this century, the earth will be 4 degrees warmer than it is today...that's about as hot as it was 130,000 years ago.

As much as I love 60 degree weather in New York City in January, global warming MUST be stopped.

What are YOU going to do to J'Adore your planet?

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YourFaithfulBug said...

Apparently, Fire Island will be the first place to go under. It's probably got 10 years left, 5 if the summer visitors keep the level of jerk fluid in the water keeps rising at today's rates.