Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Okay, Bitches!  We're sorry!  We didn't know it was going to cause so much drama!  Today we received countless emails asking what was going on with the technical glitch.  

"How could there be a technical glitch if you're posting?"  

"What are you talking about?"  

"We're so confused!"

We heard it all today!  The technical glitch was that we were drunk!  Okay?  Happy now?  We wanted to post, but we couldn't because we couldn't type correctly, so we posted an ode to our youth.......The Emergency Broadcast System.  We hated that as kids.  It made us cringe in pain hearing that damn sound coming out of our TV while our screen turned into funky stripes of color.  

So there you go!  Your questions are answered leaving you to J'Adore once again!