Sunday, December 02, 2007


When we heard that our good friend Horacio Silva was taking over the helm of  T Magazine, we knew it would be good, but we didn't know it was gonna be THIS good!  

If you don't already know (in which case you really shouldn't deserve to know, but we digress...), T is the New York Times' style magazine, and they've been turning it out with fashion, design, travel and epicurean delights for a while now through periodic supplements to the Sunday paper.

This week, the magazine went live on the web, and it's the chicest thing we've seen in a very long time!  Its modern layout is easily navigated, and it's full of information that every style master needs to walk out the door in the morning.

But we're most impressed by the piece entitled The Connoisseur, which was written by our most J'Adored Indian brothel baby, Madhu Puri, and which outlines everything one needs to know to collect art in the contemporary market today!  

Coincidentally, we're off today to buy our very own Damien Hirst dead animal suspended in something or other.  Whatever.  We just listen to our art dealer and write checks on demand.  J'Adore!

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