Wednesday, December 05, 2007


We really don't like the holiday season.  Our friends like to call us Le Grinch.  We feel that all the love and familial solidarity is lost in the mad rush to stuff stockings and to load the Christmas tree with useless gifts that you spend weeks stressing over.  It's capitalism at its finest.

So what does one give that very special someone to let them know how much one cares?  How about a sore throat?  Or the flu?  Ebola is always a favorite amongst the kids!  But in all honesty, nothing REALLY says I Love You like Hepatitis!

We were so excited when we came across Giant Microbes.  They make stuffed animals inspired by various microbes, diseases and ailments that we know the whole family will love.  You can choose from Kissing Disease, Bad Breath, Athlete's Foot, Black Death and many more!

Each animal, which measures 5-7 inches tall, comes with a photo of the real microbe it represents as well as subsequent information.  Not only will these toys bring hours of fun to children and adults alike, but they are a great learning tool for all those little doctors in the making.

Now if only we could get ourselves a fun case of Syphilis!

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