Saturday, December 01, 2007


Dede is a fisherman in Indonesia who, as a teenager, accidentally cut his knee and shortly thereafter began growing smalls warts on his body.  Since then, the warts have continued to grow exponentially covering his hands, feet, face and body in bizarre tree like formations!  WTF?

Subsequently, he lost his job, he lost his wife and he is now living in poverty with his two teenage daughters.  His case seems to be human pamplona, which in normal people, causes small treatable warts on the skin, but Dede is missing the gene that would normally control this condition leaving him to turn into a redwood.

American doctors are hoping to treat him with a synthetic version of Vitamin A which they are confident will reduce the growths giving him full control of his hands and feet again.  And we thought WE had problems!

Click here for full story and video.

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Big Daddy said...

That totes makes my skin crawl.