Sunday, December 02, 2007


If you want to talk J'Adorosity, then there is no one else in NYC to talk about than Victor Glemaud.  We've known this bitch for way too long, but we're not complaining.  

We first met him when he was working his fashion PR magic for Versace, then, he upped and moved to Paris only to come back as one of the hottest menswear designers on the scene.  WTF?  How did he do that?

His clothes are modern, luxurious, clean, linear and uber-masculine, but the pretty fabrics still allow you secretly to feel like Linda Evangelista on the inside.  Our favorite look EVER (pictured) is from Spring/Summer 2007...GASP!....yes, that's TWO seasons ago, but we still can't let it go.   Notice the silk shantung wide legged pants paired with the the two cardigans over the spread collar white button down.  Geniusly J'Adorable!

For more information on Victor and his collections, click here.

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