Saturday, September 08, 2007


Okay. We know we totally skipped Fashion Week Day Three, but we had CRAZY computer troubles that needed to be fixed which led us to completely missing out on our lineup of shows that day including our favorite and most J'Adored friend, Victor Glemaud! Je N'Adore Pas! But we wouldn't be sitting here posting for you had we ignored our sickly little laptop!

So here we are, day four, outside the tents at Bryant Park. You'll see above that the tents were BUZZING with energy. From photographers and editors to simple civilians passing on the street stopping by to see a celebrity or maybe even to try to catch a glimpse of the ever elusive Joey! J'Adore!

We were there to see our first menswear show of the day, Buckler, by our most J'Adored pint sized Andrew Buckler. We headed backstage, bien sur, to pick up our all access pass and to get a preview of what we'll be wearing next Spring!

The models were all lined up for hair and makeup!

Look who we found working her fashion PR magic backstage!!! Our most J'Adored Yaa Yamoah! Straight from the runways in Ghana! Wuuuuurk!

All the looks lined up and ready to go! We'll take THIS and THIS and THIS, oh, does this shirt come in a medium?

Never have we wanted to be a tattoo more than we did right at that very moment!

Models outside backstage taking a quick smoke break before showtime! Anyone need a light? Or a massage? Hmm? Anyone?

The scene inside the tents minutes before showtime! Thank God WE don't ever have to wait in line!

Our favorite Dandies, Cator Sparks & Patrick McDonald were also there to see the show. We totally went to the bar for a cocktail first! J'Adore fashionably drinking during the day!

Inside the the tent, people were clamoring to find their seats. We take comfort in the fact that our front row seat is ALWAYS reserved for us!

Pay very close attention. This is the opening of the show. Inspired by Steve McQueen with a touch of Monty Python, this was Andrew's STRONGEST collection to date! The tailored tuxedos in the beginning to the skinny shorts and the TRENCH COATS!!! OMG! We almost jumped up on the runway to try them on! We really couldn't contain ourselves. Do we even mention the shoes?

We know you're totally awestruck. You don't have to tell us.

We are SO wearing this in St. Tropez next summer. Do you think the knife is included?

J'Adore black & white windowpane! We are so bringing our old vests back out from the archives!

We don't think you're really ready for this. Andrew closed his show with the standard model parade except that they all came out in the new BUCKLER SWIMWEAR COLLECTION!!!! WTF?!?! People were FREAKING OUT! It was one of the most spectacular things we had ever seen. The woman next to us totally fainted, and we had to pick her up off the floor, but that's Buckler for you. Pay special attention to the Ethiopian model in the yellow bathing suit! We like to call him The Praying Mantis! J'Adore!

So we're off to the Y-3 show today! Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas. Check back in tomorrow for everything you're missing out on! J'Adore!


phaeton said...

Oh Joey, this post is just so perfect I nearly wept. God bless trenches.

Euro Tailors said...

Great blog!