Sunday, September 02, 2007


The NY Daily News reported today that cops raided Mr. Black early Saturday morning at 4:45am and arrested 32 peeps for possession and dealing of cocaine and ecstasy! Undercover cops witnessed blatant use and sale of the illegal narcotics in plain view of employees. The NYPD has been on roll this week. They busted The Box earlier this week.

As sad as we are over this bullshit, we are way more excited over the fact that the disgusting trannie who we hate most, Ms. Connie, is STILL LOCKED UP! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

That's what she gets for being such a cunt at the door....and in general, really. We understand it's really not her fault. Just because she's a horse faced mutant that nobody would touch on the outside, let alone in jail, doesn't mean we're totally blaming her. But the thought of her behind bars makes us chuckle. J'Adore Schadenfreude!

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