Monday, September 24, 2007


We know we haven't been in touch in a while, and we know that we told you we would share last Wednesday's amazing night in NYC with you, and we're here to do that now. We have been running around NON-STOP! Work, play, play, play, work, museum, work, sex, nap, play. You know how it is. Manhattan doesn't let you take a break for one second!

Anyways, so we took on a new client not too long ago called The Supper Club New York. It's this incredibly chic and ultra exclusive members-only organization started in London but now with an arm in NYC. If you're a local, go to the site and apply for membership. We can't promise they'll pick you to join, but you never know if you don't try.

So we were asked by our client to host a most fabulous dinner for our nearest and dearest friends to whom The Supper Club would give instant lifetime founding memberships! Yes. We do have that kind of power, and we wield it with an iron fist! Don't get in our way. Where did we have dinner you might ask? Where else is there to have dinner in New York City other than famed INDOCHINE, home to the ever GORGEOUS Jean Marc Houmard seen via the link on the left with Sandy Dallal.

The night started out with J'Adorable Krug champagne and too much glamour to be absorbed in the short 30 minutes we had before dinner. As you can see above, menswear designer Andrew Buckler, Kate Schelter, Sarah Sophie Flicker of the Citizen's Band and David Gruning of Swarovski were giving it to you MAJOR!

Law & Order's Jennifer Missoni was trying to order a seltzer to no avail. We wish we knew how to order a seltzer, but every time we try, "Margarita, Please!" always comes out!

What do you get when you put two grown men who are totally jealous of each other's outfits together? You get Paper Magazine's Mickey Boardman and Brazilian Hottie McHotStuff, Luigi Tadini!

Radar Magazine's Christopher Tennant was getting all nervous by Supper Club founder, Tamsin Lonsdale. He knew she wanted some, but what to do about his girlfriend, Zoe Turnbull? We can't tell you what happened that night, or we'll get J'Adored to death.

Hold up! Wait up a minute! Let us put some J'ADORE in it! Ian Mohr, Women's Wear Daily's Elisa Lipsky-Karazs and Steve McQueen were so HOT that night! Wait a second. That's not Steve McQueen. That's Oliver Kramer. He was WEARING Alexander McQueen! Why do straight guys do that? They wear designer clothes that we can't afford making them look all hot, and we just sit there all bitter in a corner. We guess we just take comfort in the fact that we look better with our clothes OFF then they do, and then it's all good.

Our favorite husband and wife team were working the RED that night. Jason Pharr of the The Cloud Room has been on a worldwind tour promoting his latest album while Monica Thompson of In Touch has been jet setting right alongside. They just got back from Poland, London and Argentina. Next stop, SOUTH KOREA!!! You know how much we love our Bulgogi! We hope they bring us back some!

WTF?!?! Is that Brad Fisher the famed artist?!? JESUS! He follows us EVERYWHERE!!! He had no idea what he was doing there that night, and to be honest, neither did we, but you know how much we J'Adore him, so we just let him eat his pork spare ribs in peace...

We're not sure we have the words to describe the EXTREME BEAUTY that is personified by Elizabeth Hehir. We think she's the kind of creature the world only experiences once every 300 years or so.....sort of like Haley's Comet.

This is just an orgy waiting to happen. Patrick McMullan's Neil Rasmus, Ralph Lauren's PR Queen, Garine Zerounian, Sarah Cristobal of Harper's Bazaar and Peter Knell and Lisa Benson of IMG Model Management. Between these five bitches, we alone could find fame, clothes, press coverage and fortune just by having them J'Adore us! Come on guys! J'Adore us! Pretty please!?

Enjoy this moment, bitches! This is one of the rare times you'll get to see what we look like. No. We're not the gorgeous blonde in the middle throwing gang signs! We're on the right, and that's Jennifer Missoni with her follicularly challenged, J'Adorably gorgeous boyfriend, filmmaker Tommaso Cardile.

Feeling bad for thinking dirty thoughts about other women (and a few men), Christopher, kisses girlfriend & marketing guru Zoe Turnbull letting her know he loves her. You know he wishes he were kissing us instead!

Paula Froelich of Page Six showed up late but made up for it J'Adorefold. We were loving having her entertain the troops while we finally took a break to indulge in a cigarette.

We left and the rest of the evening proved quite debaucherous! From Gold Bar to Bungalow 8 to getting home at 7:00am.....we realized for the 1,000th time that we're just to old to party like we do, but we're not to old to J'Adore glamorously! You'd tell us if we're wrong?

We need to give a big fat J'ADORE to Neil Rasmus and Billy Farrell from Patrick McMullan's who J'Adored us enough to take the above photos for us. We're not sure what we would do without them...

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