Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We were casually strolling through the meatpacking district today when we heard someone call out our name. We weren't surprised because it happens all the time, but we were quite interested in who had spotted us this time!

Turns out it was our good friends Abby Gardner and Tanya Jensen of The Daily lunching at Pastis. They were with the most J'Adorable woman who also works with them name Tangie....short for Tangerine, which we TOTALLY J'Adore!!! (Her real name is Brunhilda or something like's actually Samantha.)

Anyways, we sat down for an extra large Kronenberg while we regaled Tanya with television highlights from the our childhood in the 1980s. Turns out she doesn't even know who The Golden Girls are. We almost fainted and fell out of chair but that would NOT have been chic so we didn't do it but we do love drama and that would have been quite dramatic right there on the outside patio but we were wearing designer clothes and we didn't want to ruin them...

One of the highlights of which we spoke was the famous monologue by Ms. Dixie Carter aka Ms. Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women where, in defense of her sister, Ms. Susanne Sugarbaker played by Ms. Delta Burke, she explains the night the lights went out in Georgia! J'ADORE!!!

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Big Daddy said...

I totes remember that episode.