Sunday, September 02, 2007


You know how we don't like to be like everyone else posting about things that everyone already knows about....unless those things are super J'Adorable. Specifically, the Miss South Carolina Map Answer that had the country buzzing over the last couple weeks was not something that we wanted to talk about, and such as.

But when we saw the above parody, we totally J'Adored it. It could be because we're at home alone on a Saturday night already almost done with our bottle of Louis Jadot Puille Fuisse, but you won't give us a Je N'Adore Pas just cuz we're drunk and posting videos we might THINK we J'Adore. What are we talking about? We're soooo Mister South Carolina right now. Just watch the video and let us know if you J'Adore it or if we're just druuuuuuunk.

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