Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Okay, Bitches!  We know we've taken forever to bring you our tales of Las Vegas, but we just couldn't do it this week.  First of all, we JUST got over our hangover like yesterday.  Yes.  It was THAT good.

We do have to say that we didn't hate Las Vegas this time around as much we normally do.  We think it was the private jet and the 5 bottles of Dom Perignon on the way out there that numbed us to the pain of the city of sin.  We played Black Jack...DOUBLE DOWN!  We had a spa day.  We had tapanyaki at Okada, filet mignon at SW Steakhouse and we danced our little asses off at Blush.....if you know anything, that means we didn't leave the Wynn Hotel once in three days!

All the above was for a job we were doing out there.  We're not going to bore you with the details of our work, but we do have to tell you it was pretty amazing.  After our work was done, we moved over to the Hard Rock Hotel for one extra night in order to celebrate our good friend Amy Sacco's 40th Birthday Blowout!

It was so crazy!  All of our old friends were there....Nan Lily Cho, Darryl Gibson, Uncle Mike, King and Michael Shulman who provided us the above collage of photos (click to enlarge).  Guess which one we are!  We'll give you a hint.  We're not bald, we're not wearing a headdress and we look like we're having WAY more fun than anyone else!  Maybe that's why we just got over our hangover yesterday!  J'Adore!


theo said...

i do that move quite sometime too....lets do it together next time.

dstar said...

sooo much fun! j'adore u joey!