Sunday, January 06, 2008


Oh, J'Adorables, how we have missed you so!!!  We are soooooo sorry to have been gone so long, but did we have an AMAZING holiday break!  

As you know, our family came out to stay with us for the holidays, and it was too J'Adorable! Except for the fact that our apartment looked like a Palestinian Refugee Camp for about 10 days, but it was only 10 days, and we just grinned and bore it.

We're not going to go into all the details, but we did so much. From dinners at Indochine and Tartine and Zampa to going to The Met to riding the M5 bus to nowhere.  It was too much fun!

So, again, we're back to J'Adore you again, but not for too long! We're off to Vegas on a job and the most J'Adorable bday party EVER!  But you're gonna have to wait til we get back before we share it with you because we don't want you crashing the party or anything.....because that would be un-Southern as Blanche Devereaux would put it.

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