Monday, January 21, 2008


You know what, Bitches? We J'Adore Dior and we J'Adore Charlize Theron, but we Je N'Adore Pas when they try to rip our lives off and use us for international advertising without giving us some kind of compensation!  We mean, we're not asking for THAT much!  Just a few million!

REALLY?  Charlize take off her jewelry and her clothes just like WE DO every night! She thinks gold is cold!  So do WE!  She finally figured out that diamonds are dead!  WE COULD HAVE TOLD HER THAT YEARS AGO! Yes! A limousine is JUST a car!  We knew that! We were BORN in a limousine!!!

Our J'Adorable God! Does NO ONE else see the plagiarism in this commercial???  They're RIPPING US OFF BIG TIME!!!  And the bitch even has the balls to speak the word J'ADORE at the end?!?!  
We're about to cut someone!  Let us at her!  BRING IT!!!  CUZ IT'S ABOUT TO BE BROUGHTEN!!!

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