Monday, January 21, 2008


Oh, what a relaxing weekend we had, Bitches!  We J'Adore the country MAJOR!  We ate, we drank, we partook in some herbal refreshment, we bought a flatscreen TV and mounted it on a swinging arm thingy on the wall (who knew we were so butch?), we played Wii, we almost got shot by duck hunters on the Great South Bay!  It's never a dull moment over at the J'Adore Joey offices.....even when we take the offices satellite to the country!

Anyway, we're back to face another crazy week.  We've got parties, we've got meetings, we've got preparations for Fashion Week!  We'll manage.  We always do.

But what we are MOST excited about is the invitation we got in the mail upon our return to join our good friend Waris of The House of Waris in Tokyo to celebrate something or other with Jalouse Magazine.  Whatever, Bitches!  We don't need a REASON to party.  We just need the party, and we're THERE!  

Don't hate us because we crossed out all the details off the invite.  You know you Bitches like to crash our party, and sometimes, we can't be the ones to enable you.  See you when we get back!


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