Tuesday, January 15, 2008


As if sex wasn't scary enough as it is, Reuters reported yesterday that a new strain of drug resistant staph has moved beyond hospitals and is now being transmitted among gay men during sex and is appearing in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and San Francisco!

The bacteria can enter the body through a wound in the skin and can cause deep-tissue infections which often look like raised red dots on the skin and which left untreated can swell and fill and with pus.

About 30% percent of ALL people carry ordinary staff in staph in their nose, and it can be passed simply by touching other people or depositing the bacteria on surfaces or objects.

Bihn Diep, a researcher with UCSF, was quoted as saying "Once this reaches the general population, it will be truly unstoppable!"  

There goes our social life!  Je N'Adore Pas!

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Big Daddy said...

This is why I am a germophobe.