Monday, July 16, 2007


We at J'Adore Joey are introducing a new posting entitled "J'Adore WTF?!?!". These are things that we don't really J'Adore but we don't necessarily Je N'Adore Pas them either! We're just like WTF?!?!

Our first J'Adore WTF?!?! is dedicated to Lewis Pugh who, as of yesterday, was the first human being ever to swim in the waters of the North Pole! Again....WTF?!?!

Just a few seconds in the water would have garnered him the title (and probably killed any other mere mortal), but this crazy mother fucker swam in -34.25 degree waters for over 19 minutes!!!

We spent the weekend swimming in 70 degree waters out on Long Island, and our balls were snuggled tightly behind our eyeballs! We can't begin to comprehend the shrinkage poor Lewis had to experience!

Click here to read the full story and to see more photos of this icy nautical escapade!

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