Sunday, July 22, 2007


We cannot even find the words to tell you how much fun we had on Saturday afternoon. The J'Adorable kids over at Y-3 invited us to join them for Adidas' annual Fanatic Soccer Tournament on the rooftop of Pier 40. Imagine 24 teams in 4 divisions competing all day long for the championship while the most GORGEOUS of NYC's downtown scene were enjoying BBQ, Sapporo beer and the musical stylings of DJs Armstrong and Anton! It was MAJOR!

This was the scene of the competition. How better to watch these J'Adorable players battle it out than in front of the backdrop of downtown Manhattan?

Abby Gardner, Robyn Ward and Stephanie Rudnick picked up this hot young thing of a soccer fan with whom they spent their day drinking and watching oversized legs kick balls to and fro!

DJ Anton working his magic....unfortunately, it wasn't on the turntables, as you can see!

The kids on the roof at Pier 40!

Emilia Menocal conveniently didn't return our email on Saturday morning asking her what she was up to that day. She clearly didn't know we would totally BUST her later when we spotted her with the impeccable Jauretsi Saizarbitoria!

Our gorgeous friend and Adidas hostess for the day, Theodora Sopko, picked up her very own soccer player, Simonez, to take home with her. J'Adore!

Let's talk about this one for a second. Her name is Hillary, and she was ROCKING the field like we've never seen!!! She had all the other male players bum rushing her trying to prevent her from making yet ANOTHER goal! She got slammed in the eye with the ball and STILL was able to make the point!

We hadn't seen our supermodel friend, Jenny Wong, since we last ran into her at the Christian Dior Cruise 2007/8 show this past May. Her main man, Henri, was on the field, so we don't know why it was US she was screaming at!?

Serge Becker was working his trompe l'oeil guayabera while our J'Adorable partner in crime, Claire Darrow, was staring us down and thinking dirty thoughts. She always undresses us with her eyes, and it sort of freaks us out.

Ummmm, J'Adore Soccer...

Our most favorite style maven and downtown fashion fixture, Glenmore May, had no business being at the tournament except for this one moment where he was able to turn and pose for the camera, which between you and us, is a talent to which we should all aspire!

We know why the caged soccer boy sings. Do you?

Who the hell knew our favorite rocker friend, Rory Guinness, played soccer? We surely didn't!

Fashion designer extraordinaire, Benjamin Cho, sips on a beer to cool himself down even though you know he would never serve it backstage at one of his shows! God forbid one of his models gain an ounce before show time!

We snapped this pic of the J'Adoreliciously pint-sized shutterbug, Greg Kessler, just so that he would know what it felt like!

Ummmmm, still J'Adoring soccer...

Clearly, it's not her neck that Emilia Menocal wants kissed... Dirrrrrrty!

We were so beyond ourselves when we saw our long lost friend, Saidah, formerly of APT fame! If you don't know how this one plays, you best try NOT to find out. She leaves no survivors.

Unfortunately, our day came to a tragic close when we came across this thing standing outside The Maritime Hotel. Honestly....WTF?!?! Is he for real with that t-shirt and bare midriff??? Our best guess is that he escaped from Bellevue.

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