Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Breitbart is reporting today that the government of Indonesia's Papua is considering monitoring HIV+ citizens via microchip implants in a bid to keep them from infecting other unsuspecting victims. They seem to believe that newly seroconverted people experience some sort of aggression which leads them to not care about the infection of future partners.

Not only is this monitoring an obscene violation of one's very basic human rights, it's a catastrophic endeavor that will only lead to further violation. What are they going to do once this monitoring does confirm aggressive behavior? How will people be reprimanded? What new laws will have to be instituted to fairly try those in violation?

The answer here is not found in monitoring the sick but in educating the healthy. Once we focus our energies on teaching the importance of condom use and safe sex practices, there will be no need for this grossly unjust monitoring.

Okay. We're getting off the soap box.

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