Sunday, July 01, 2007


One of our most favorite things to do in the summer is to go to Warm Up at P.S. 1...a live music and DJ series at MoMA's Long Island City locale. Taking place in the courtyard, the 6 hour dance fest is set against an architectural backdrop installed by the annual winner of the Young Architect's Program. This year's winner was Los Angeles based firm Ball-Nogues with their installation entitled Liquid Sky.

This Saturday we attended with the perennially luscious Mr. Scott Perry aka El Pulpo. Make sure you don't fall prey to his tentacles.

This bitch didn't need to warm up because she was already HOT HOT HOT!

We love when parents bring their children along to play, dance and meet the grown ups smoking weed in a corner.

This bitch was TOTALLY high, and she couldn't stop dancing. We were trying to get her to give us some of what she was on, but she just wasn't sharing.

The red mylar canopies are meant to immerse the viewer in kaleidoscopic patterns of colored light. They also shower down water every few minutes cooling down all the warmed up bodies. J'Adore!

We also ran into our old supermodel friend, Audrey Quock, and her Israeli boyfriend, Moti. She likes to call us Joey Bag O' Donuts. We're not sure why.

We ended our night on a rooftop in not-so-colonial Williamsburg. It was such a gorgeous night out. We wish you could have been with us to enjoy it.

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