Friday, July 20, 2007


We were saddened when we had heard the news of Ms. Isabella Blow's suicide not too long ago. It came on the night of the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Ball. But really, if you had ever met Issie, you would know that she didn't take her own life on the same night as the ball on accident. What better way to go than to have hundreds of your friends all in one room talking about you! J'Adore!

Although we didn't know her well at all, we did get the chance to meet her when we went to Istanbul with Zac Posen. At Saturday night's black tie dinner, Issie was wearing a hat that extended about two feet off of her head to the left. We took great pleasure in watching the hotness that is Christopher Brooks duck every time she turned her head to speak to him. So J'Adorable!

Anyway, New York Magazine this week published this amazing feature on Isabella Blow which is a must read. Her life, her love, her style and most importantly, her contribution to the industry are chronicled for our J'Adoration! May you rest in peace.

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