Thursday, July 24, 2008


We are SOOO addicted to taking photos of people on the subway without them knowing! We don't take photos of them for no reason. There's got to be something special. Remember this one? And this one?

Anyway, tonight, we saw the above masterpiece. He was way J'Adorable because we would totally wear that outfit. Beige and olive seersucker, a yellow shirt, (ugly) tie and brown suede ankle boots.

The shoes were our favorite part! The man was old and fat, and he had a cameltoe but his shoes were tres modern! Brown suede ankle boots with a creme topstitch and molded soles! Where did he find those we asked ourselves. We would have asked HIM, but we were too busy taking photos on the sly.

The thing that confused us the most was the hat. Ordinarily the edges would be curled up in a gentlemanly summer chapeau kind of way, but this reminded us of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert!


Big Daddy said...

Wow, these are like scenes from public transport.

Big Daddy said...

I kid.