Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We are so out of here in the morning.  We're off to where birds roam free, the air is anything but clean and crisp and the ground upon which you stand can suddenly open up and swallow you whole.  

We're not gonna tell you where we're going because after two years of J'Adoring with us, you should already know.  If you don't know, the picture above might give you some kind of idea, but if it doesn't, then that means you probably live where we're going. Yes.  The people there are THAT stupid!

Keep checking in.  We're gonna have a lot of time on our hands, so we might just be J'Adoring a little more often than we already do.  

Email us with your guesses as to where we are, and if you're right, we'll send you your very own personalized J'Adoration! They're collector's items, you know!  You can sell them on eBay!


renco said...


No? How about back to CA to celebrate B day?

Happy early B day!

RENCO said...

But the pic is of Mulholland Drive, Coldwater Canyon