Friday, July 18, 2008


We've been living in NYC for 12 years, and we see some pretty crazy shit on the daily but this one was a total first!  After we ran into rotten banana lady (see below), we got on the train again a little later in the day, and we spotted this freak.  WTF?  He's wearing an eye mask...ON THE SUBWAY!

We don't totally understand this on so many levels.  First, he's clearly a tourist cuz he's holding a subway map.  Secondly, tourists never travel far enough on the train to give them enough time for some shut eye.  Thirdly, we don't care if you're a tourist or not, but you DO NOT wear eye masks outside of your bedroom!!!

If we were a thug, we'd walk right up to him, snatch his bag of designer goods bought at Century 21, slap him upside the head like the bitch he is and then walk away.  He would never know what hit him cuz he's got a fucking eye mask on!

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Big Daddy said...

Maybe he's touched in the head and has issues with making eye contact[?].