Friday, July 18, 2008


Last night, we were dropping the tiles on a FIERCE game of Scrabble with our total bitches, Abby Gardner and Alyssa Vitrano, because that's what we do now. Play scrabble and eat chocolate ganache cake! When did we get so old and boring?

Anyway, Abby dropped the word DOMES down, and I looked down at my tiles and saw the letters O-R-S-Q-I-T-A, and we almost lost it! Was Astrodomes even a word? Who cared? There was a triple word score at stake, and we were willing to take the risk.

Well, they did challenge the word, and it wasn't in the Scrabble word book which dated from 1998, but it WAS in the dictionary AND online as a valid Scrabble word, so I got to keep it. Unfortunately, it was only 39 points, but we weren't crying over it.

J'Adore Kicking ASS-trodomes!!!

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