Wednesday, July 02, 2008


We haven't J'Adored you in a few days, and that makes us sad. We had an incredibly heavy weekend that began on Friday with a sushi lunch and ended on Monday with the decision to embark on a new journey....a new beginning of sorts.  We'll fill you in on that a little later.  It's not time to do it now.

Conversely, we also have been keeping ourselves from writing about the Closing of Restaurant Florent because it saddens us so much.  It was our home away from home for so long, but today, we found a photo which made us laugh.  It made us laugh because we can't imagine a more perfect way for Florent, which has been a meatpacking staple for over 28 years, to bid New York City adieu.  A simple action that speaks so very loudly.  

With its trademark humor, Florent has closed its doors and removed the letter L from its name in the window, letting the world know that the space is now available or "F orent".  Genius. Simply genius.

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Ian said...

Impossible! Florent has been my go-to spot for years and can't believe it is now gone. Kudos to Joey for making me aware so I don't go all the way to Gansevoort at 3am looking for late night snacks.