Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today, we had lunch with an old friend we met in Istanbul.  Her name is Jacqui.  Out of nowhere, she busts out with news that she had quit her job and started a small business!  We were like......WTF???  Who does that???

Anyj'adore... She went into her bag and handed us what we thought were birth control pills, but it turned out they were breath fresheners and odor neutralizers!  Jacqui went out and created a little green pill made organically of parsley and peppermint which will get rid of all crazy culinary odors (garlic, fish, truffles, etc...)! Who knew you could do that!?

First you swallow two of the green ones.  Then you suck on a white one while you wait for the green ones to kick in and do their magic! They're amazing, and you all need to get yourselves some because we can smell your breath all the way over here!  

Check out Eat Whatever for more...

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Anonymous said...

amazing product - works a treat. essential post mexican, italian, french and indian meals.