Friday, July 18, 2008


Our friend and J'Adored artist, Adrian Kondratowicz, is totally turning it out in NYC right now with his latest installation.  What he's done is created brightly colored and polka dotted trash bags which are available for purchase through his site entitled TRASH: anycoloryoulike.  You use them as you normally would, and then on trash day, the street is filled with color and mayhem where there would normally be just a bland pile of black stinky trash bags.  Did we mention that the bags are also biodegradable and smell like BUBBLE GUM?!  J'Adore!!!

Adrian is doing his part in bringing attention to the environment and eco-responsibility while at the same time raising awareness for his fellow artists and the art industry as a whole.  For this we J'Adore him!

The next installation will take place on July 30th from 5pm - 12am all over the meatpacking district.  You must NOT miss it......and don't forget to buy some bags!!!

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Big Daddy said...


But no one ever sees my trash.

It goes from the garage to the truck.