Saturday, August 11, 2007


Listen up, Bitches! We want you to meet our good friend Xander. When we tell you that this bitch is the most J'Adorably SICK person we've ever known, you know we ain't lying.

We met this one in September of 2002 at 5 in the morning after we had finished working the Stella McCartney store opening party (which was beyond J'Adorable in itself).

We went to Bungalow 8 at around 2 to see our other partner in crime, Darryl Gibson, and after a long night of partying, we went to Cafeteria for an early morning meal. We walk into the place and there was Xander wearing nothing but leather hot pants, a leather collar with 2 foot long leather strands and a 5 foot feather sticking out of his afro-hawk! SICK SICK SICK!

It was only after he had finished his 20 minute runway presentation that we were able to order, but that's the price you pay for being allowed to observe him in all his glory.

In our 11 years in NYC, we have never met anyone that gives you self-identity like Xander does. He loves you. He loves himself. And he certainly would never care if you gave him a Je N'Adore Pas! Cuz who are YOU?!?! WORK! J'ADORE!

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