Tuesday, August 07, 2007


We can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had this weekend. We went out to Long Island to see our very good friends, Zaiya Latt and Shirley Mallmann, and they showed us the time of our lives! They took to us a clambake in the middle of the bay just off of Bellport. Literally, we were anchored in the MIDDLE OF THE BAY digging for clams and BBQing them right there on the water! Above are Matt, Zaiya, Patricia, Shirley, and the J'Adorable little Axil posing on the ladder.

The scene of the bake! Three boats were anchored behind us!

Digging for clams! Thank God it wasn't crabs!

The floating BBQ!

Katie, Liz & Kyle....poster children for underage drinking!

Our Master of Ceremonies, Jack Antos! He was totally giving us Britney Spears with his seaweed wig. She should look into it. Would look better than the mess she's got now!

The J'Adorelicious Zaiya Latt!

Matt drank a little bit too much, and we lost him for about an hour. We eventually found him laying on the bay floor. Luckily, three codfish were giving him mouth to mouth and keeping him going!

We didn't get this one's name, but we could have sworn we saw him in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue circa 2003.

A little video of the clambake in action!

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