Thursday, August 30, 2007


We need to take a moment to talk amongst J'Adorables. When we started this site almost two years ago now, it was meant for our friends and family. Over that time, our friends and family have grown exponentially. You, our readers, have become part of us. This site is a place for all of us to come together and J'Adore each other!


There has been some hatred going on....specifically, in regard to our good friends Simone Bent and Troy Garrity, and even more specifically, from the Fort Worth, Texas area. Nasty comments have been left. Jealous words have been spewed. Immature behavior has been portrayed.

Whoever you are...."Noemie" be exact....We'd appreciate it if you left your bitter, lonely and unworthy comments to yourself. Try to make the best out of your pathetic life down south and leave the rest of us be to J'Adore each other and to share the J'Adorosity for which this site is meant.

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Anonymous said...

Noemie's comments about Simone are dead on. She waited and waited for Troy to pop the question and when he dragged his heels, Bent got his mama to force the issue. Jane is the one who picked out that ring, not Troy. Simone wanted to marry Troy and Jane wanted her son to have a Stepford wife. Hence this sham of a marriage.