Thursday, August 23, 2007


Last night we called our most J'Adorable cousin/downstairs neighbor, Monica Thompson, because we hadn't seen her in forever and we needed to J'Adore her pronto! So she invited us down for some homemade minestrone soup, and since we had a bit of a sore throat, we accepted her kind invitation.

Can we tell you how good her damn soup was?!?! It was SO good that we've nicknamed her Monie Minestrone! (That's pronounced MOH-nee Min-es-STRO-nee). Yup. She even gave us some to take home with us, and we're J'Adoring it as we type. Actually, we're eating it as we type, but we digress...

Don't be jealous just cuz YOUR neighbors run and hide when they see you coming! J'Adore!

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Anonymous said...

harry twat!!