Monday, August 20, 2007


J'Adore, Bitches!!! Sorry it took us so long to post today. We actually had some work to do. We accidentally knocked over our paperclip holder and had to re-colorcode over 150 damn paperclips. We were NOT happy campers!

In any case, we were in for quite a SHOCK earlier this afternoon when we logged on to our favorite little online publication, Fashion Week Daily, only to find that they given themselves a full makeover!

Gone was the pink and yellow monstrosity we used to J'Adore and in was the cleanest, whitest, chicest little homepage we ever did see!

We do like the new fashion calendar listing all upcoming events, but we hate that we have to click through four pages to read an item that would have taken up 4 paragraphs on one page on the old site.

We're not very good with change over here at J'Adore Joey, but we'll cum around. We always do!

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