Wednesday, August 22, 2007


NY Magazine ran this story today about someone in Chelsea giving crystal meth to unsuspecting dogs at the West 22nd Street dog run! At first they thought it was an accident, but now 1 dog has died and many others have fallen ill. Honestly? WTF? Who the hell gives a dog crystal meth?

Actually, we just remembered a story from our youth in Los Angeles. Friends of our friends once gave their cat some cocaine mixed in with her food and about an hour later they found the cat walking really slowly BACKWARDS around the backyard patio table! That's sort of mean, but if you don't consider the animal cruelty part, it's J'Adorably funny.

Our favorite quote of the piece is "Many will probably think that the obvious culprits — those damn meth-loving Chelsea gays — are behind this, but if there's anything that gang treasures more than sleeveless tees, it's puppies."

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Did they make the dogs snort it?