Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Not too long ago, we heard about the most curious little creature, the Bonobo, which lives in the jungles of the Congo.  The Bonobo is a lesser known and more endangered member of the chimpanzee family characterized by a leaner body, longer legs and a smaller head.  But what's most interesting about the Bonobo is the role that sex plays within their society!

They have sex when greeting each other.  They have sex when fighting with each other.  They have sex in resolving conflict, and then they have sex when the conflict is resolved!  WE KNOW!!!  We want to be a Bonobo too!!!

Being the science dorks we are, we did a little more research only to find that Bonobos were not only a chimpanzee but also the hottest men's pants on the market today!!!  Listen up, Bitches, this is important!

Started by Andy Dunn and his college roommate, (Yeah.  We're wondering why college roommates are playing with each other's pants too, but that's another story all together....), Bonobos were created to fill the void clearly left wide open by everyone else.

We got a hold of a pair not too long ago, and we are mesmerized by our ass every time we put them on!  From the curved waistline to the slightly flared pant leg and the short rise, these pants makes us look like Greek gods!!!

The fabrics are imported from Bavaria and Italy.  The zippers flow smoother than Dom Perignon.  And the wide range of J'Adorable colors are a dream!

The best part?  They only cost $110 - $140!!!  

Trust us when we tell you that you have to log on to Bonobos and order some for the Spring ASAP.  Make sure to check out the Mint Julep cords!  They're our favorite.  


C.R. said...

I am obsessed with Bonobos. I own like 5 pairs of them and they are the only pants I wear now. The price point is just right and the quality amazing. Every guy should try a pair.

Big Daddy said...

The pink cords are kind of cute.

Real men wear pink.

Anonymous said...

The Black Swans are the most beautiful pants I have ever seen. I'm tempted to buy an extra pair in case I wear out my first.

Anonymous said...

i'm Andy's college roommate, Brian Spaly. thanks for all the kind words about our pants! Joey, what color are your bonobos?