Monday, February 04, 2008

J'ADORE Y3 FW 2008!

Y3 works us out with every season they show!!! First it was the Wall Street show with the 1 ton bank vault door. Then it was the Alfred Hitchcock show at Roseland. Then the show where they light up the entire Hudson River as a backdrop. And then last season's show under the high line! We had no idea what to expect this time, and bitches, they did it again!

We showed up to Pier 40 and were led into a pitch black parking garage lit only by a quarter mile long row of green lights. Looked like an airport runway. We showed our invitation and proceeded into an ice world. Twelve rows of bleachers facing a 230' long and 20' tall wall of ice blocks. It was so cold in there, they gave everyone Y3 polar fleece blankets to wrap up with!

Without fail, the production was genius as was expected, but what we were most excited about was that this was their strongest collection to date. The marriage between Yohji's design and Adidas' athletics was seamless.  No longer two great tastes that taste great together, but this time around, it was one great taste all the way through.  (What is all this taste talk?  We think we're hungry!)

For more on the collection, click here.

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