Thursday, February 28, 2008


Once upon a time back in 2002, our very good friend, Darryl Gibson, took us to this little place he liked to call (sub)Mercer.  In actuality, everyone called it (sub)Mercer because that's what its name was!  J'Adore!

Anyway, the (sub)Mercer was a tiny little bar located WAY underground, two floors below street level underneath The Mercer Hotel.  You could only find if you knew about it.  The entrance was via an emergency exit door in the back of The Mercer Kitchen and then down an industrial flight of stairs.

You entered the room through a long dark hallway lined with wine bottles behind caged doors, and when you arrived, you were in the chicest place you ever did see.  Exposed brick walls held up by low brick arches.  Low banquets lined the perimeter and a stripper pole was hidden in a tiny nook and it would immediately scream out our name!  

Our good friend, Simone Bent, was the manager, and she turned us out every time.  "Bottle of vodka?  No problem.  It's on me." she would say with a wink.

We spent 6 debaucherous months in that subterranean land of ecstasy.  Unfortunately for us, it was shut down for being way too glamorous for its time.  (Actually, it was a permit issue, but we don't like to talk about that.)

Late last month, we heard through the grapevine that the (sub)Mercer was reopening.  We couldn't believe it.  Our heart skipped a beat.  Could it be true???  Well, we found out this past Saturday night that it WAS true.  And guess what?  The stripper pole was STILL there!  We wish it hadn't been because we fractured a rib and our inner thighs are still bruised.  Don't ask, but we can assure it was pretty amazing!

Maybe one day you'll be able to visit it to.  But will you be able to find it?  And if you do, how will you convince the man at the door that you're worthy enough to enter the room that has hosted the countless J'Adorable VIPs before you.

Don't come asking us for help.  We'll already be down there on the stripper pole.  J'Adore!


enesto said...

I think I'm part mole. Something about underground digs...the secrecy, the dark that is somehow warmer...I shall find it.

theo said...

i know!!! moi, j'adore aussi. but now i have bruises from last nights pole dancing there. :)
try "la bicyclette" next time you go...j'adore.

Gabriela said...

Ahem, I was there too, but you hardly gave the rest of us a chance to bruise ourselves since you were hogging the pole, darling! And after your impressive little upside down number on it, none of us could even dare to try. Guess those stripper pole dancing lessons paid off...You were AMAZING!

Anyhoo, so delish that the (sub)Mercer is back and perfectly intact. Can't wait to see you there again. Perhaps the elusive and exquisite Les Coquettes will even be DJ'ing...wouldn't that just be divine?

Anonymous said...

Funny how one goes from managing a bar to being "socially conscious". Hmm, seems little Simone changed quite a bit to hook a certain rich mama's boy.