Friday, February 29, 2008


The other night we were having dinner with our most J'Adored, and recently engaged, publicist friend, Michael Tavani. We used to work together, and we have to give him credit for being one of the best PR sharp shooters around.  Shooting fish in a barrel is his specialty.

We got ourselves a cozy little table at La Bottega at The Maritime (dining at hotels is key as you never know when you'll need a room after dinner). We ordered a dirty martini. Michael had a glass of Montepulciano. We spoke of love, life, work, fashion and the state of the hotel industry as we see it today. Quite riveting stuff, if you ask us.

One thing we learned back in the day about our little Michael is that he's DEATHLY allergic to nuts. We remember one day at the office, we said to him, "We didn't know you were allergic to nuts!" and our boss from the other room overheard and interjected, "Yes! He is!  Especially yours!" J'Adore!

We ordered a small pizza to start and the swordfish entree to share. The waitress was informed of his allergies, and she assured us there were no nuts in the meal. The swordfish arrived with arugula and a bell pepper caponata on the side. We split the plate and continued J'Adoring each other.

Half way through our meal, we looked down at Michael's plate and noticed four pignoli nuts peeking out of his caponata! We freaked out! Did he eat the nuts? Was he going to die right there on the spot? We couldn't risk waiting and finding out.

We pushed all the plates and glasses off the table sending them crashing to the floor while everyone turned to look what happened! We grabbed Michael by the collar and pulled him onto his back on the table. Jumping on top of him, our legs straddling his pelvis, we began to administer CPR, pumping on his sternum, breathing life into his lungs and screaming "Don't go to the light, Michael!  DON'T GO TO THE LIGHT!!!!"  The waitress ran over to help, but we turned around and bitch slapped her to the ground in one fell swoop!

Actually, none of that last part really happened.  What actually went down was that we spotted the pignoli nuts, we pointed them out to Michael, he pushed his plate away and we called the waitress over to complain. He then thanked us for saving his life, and we went on to enjoying the free cheesecake they sent over. We personally like the first version better.

At the end of the day, we J'Adore saving lives just like we like to think we did last summer, and we know that Michael J'Adores us for giving him a second chance. 

If you'd like more information on How To Save A Life, click here.

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I'm so glad the only thing I am allergic to is cheap wool.