Wednesday, February 13, 2008


WE KNOW!!!! GET OFF OUR BACKS ALREADY!  We never got back to you about our fashion week exploits, and we're really sorry. It's just that we've been a little bit busy, and although our fashion week was fun, we kept it mellow this season.  We were a bit over the hype.

Anyway, we're here to bring the first part of a two part series on our favorite fashion week moments!

So we were minutes away from being allowed access backstage to our first show of the season. We were smoking a cigarette at the backstage entrance to the tents when we ran into our favorite model turned actress Joy Bryant.  We hadn't seen her since we ran into her lunching at the Chateau Marmont last June.  She's so cute, and we J'Adore her major.  

We return to our cigarette and then we hear a woman call out our name in a raspy European accent. It was one of our most favorite international fashion publicists.  We were smothered in air kisses, J'Adorations and compliments on our black suit!

"You look so chic today, DAH-ling!  Who makes your suit? Costume Nationale?"

And before we could tell her that it was a cheap Armani Exchange suit we had purchased in LA the day of our uncle's funeral because he dropped dead unexpectedly while we were on vacation out there, she reaches out, grabs one of our jacket buttons, reads Armani Exchange, and says...

"Oh!  It's Armani Exchange.  OOPS!"

J'ADORE!!!  Only a fashion publicist could be status conscious! Between you and us, it's really the only way to live!

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