Tuesday, February 12, 2008


You wanna know who's been turning us out on the web as of late? We'll tell you.  It's Harper's Bazaar!  

We know you probably don't follow the inner workings of New York media, but we do, because when those pesky reporters coming knocking on our doors to do a feature on us, we need to know who's who!  We can't be denying ALL requests for interviews, bien sur!

ANYWHO...  If you haven't noticed, Bazaar is totally turning us out with their new site, and we know who to thank.  She's the genius behind all things fashion on the web....Sarah Cristobal, who you might know from our past coverage of her fab city life.  

Currently, Bazaar has this most delicious feature on Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt and Courtney little demon offspring, who is proving not to be so demonesque anymore!  We're totally J'Adoring it right now, and we think you should too.

Smells Like J'Adore Spirit, no?

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