Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Our most J'Adored purveyor of all things fabulous, Stan D'Arde, has informed us of the most J'Adorable little house this side of the Himalayas.  And by this side, we mean London.  

It turns out that, Andre Balazs of Chateau Marmont and Mercer Hotel fame, has purchased and put on display at the Tate Modern, in conjunction with The Design Museum's first ever exhibition of French architect, Jean Prouve, La Maison Tropicale.

La Maison Tropicale was France's solution to the growing housing shortages it was facing in its colonies in Africa.  Many were built but only three currently survive.  After being found in ruins and then later restored, the maison is now on display in London and will later be moved to a top secret new project Mr. Balazs is working on in some far off tropical locale.  

Odds are, we at J'Adore Joey have already been there...  


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