Friday, February 22, 2008


Last night, we were at our favorite little French brasserie, Le Singe Vert, with our most J'Adored friend from Vegas, Joanne Takahashi.  She's the mastermind behind the Nobu empire, but don't be calling us to get you a reservation, cuz we're not J'Adoring you like that right now!

While slurping down our Kumomoto oysters, we noticed Joanne's wrist sparkling in the candlelight.  It was the most beautiful silver watch with little diamonds around the face and raised pyramid like metal tiles on the band.  We J'Adored it.  She said it was John Galliano for Dior.  We said J'Adore Dior!  And that was that.

Later that evening, upon our return to our petit chateau, we were reading our favorite bitch, Candy Pratts Price's, white hot list of must have items for the Spring, and about half way through, we noticed that CPP had chosen Joanne's watch as a must have for Spring.  J'Adore having fashion forward friends, but it gets better.  
We were reading the description..."Diamond & Pearl Christal Degrade Watch......$29,995"  Wait!  What?  $29,995!?!?!  We were like DAMN, BITCH!!!  We love Joanne and all, but had we known the watch was worth that much, we would have totally slipped her a roofie and grabbed the watch and ran!

We're seeing her again on Saturday afternoon, so at least we have one more chance!  Don't tell her before we get to her, okay? J'Adore!

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