Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Mariah Carey is soooooooo funny!  Looking past the fact that she annoyingly references YouTube in her song and that she's still wearing tacky ass silver metallic stripper dresses in her videos, we have to give her credit for making such a hysterically J'Adorable video which TOTALLY makes fun of herself.....cuz she knows we all make fun of her on the daily anyway.  

She got the guy from 30 Rock (who we J'Adore in this). He plays guitar hero (which we J'Adore even more). They play laser tag and race cars together, and then the bitch tries to play like she's tech savvy pretending to know what 802.11N means!  J'Adore!

1 comment:

Big Daddy said...

If this ends up on YouTube, I will hunt you down.

Ya know, I like the remixes on this better than the original.

I think it's the keyboard generated fingersnaps that are like someone clipping their fingernails at work to me.